NPS 36 Woodland Pipeline Extension

Services provided included labor, equipment and subcontractors to complete the “Stonefell” spread of the Woodland Pipeline Extension project. The NPS 36 Woodland Pipeline Extension (WPE) Project is a 385 km system designed to carry heavy oil from an exiting terminal at Cheecham to the new South Edmonton Terminal in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The WPE is part of a larger system which includes the Woodland Pipe that connects the Esso Kearl Lake mine to Oil terminals in Edmonton.

Sea Water Treatment Plant (STP) at Oliktok Point

Price Gregory International, mobilized equipment and personnel to provide construction and fabrication for the replacement of the 14-mile long 30-inch seawater line from CW-01 in Kuparuk to the Oliktok STP. The existing 30-inch seawater line was decommissioned and the new insulated steel pipe was installed on existing pipe racks adjacent to the old line. PGI tied the new pipeline in to the existing Sea Water Treatment Plant (STP) at Oliktok Point. Approximately 1,950 feet of the pipeline was buried in the frozen gravel fill of the Oliktok Point Causeway.

PGI crews accomplished this task while living in a remote man camp located within the Kuparuk Oilfield. Winter North Slope conditions prevailed throughout the project with temperatures dipping as low as -50o F.

The construction was broken into 5 distrinct scope elements:


  • Ice Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Underground Civil Pad, Road and Caribou crossings
  • Installation of new Vertical Support Members
  • Installation of a 14-mile long new insulated and coated pipeline.
  • Hydrostatic Line Testing



Project was completed on time within one winter construction season. Tie ins were accomplished during the summer as part of planned facility shut downs.

Inertia Gathering Line

PGI was engaged by Rice Energy to construct 17.2 miles of 30″ pipe, 2.1 miles of 16″ steel and 18″ HDPE colocated. The project consisted of limited, narrow right of way with maximum work space of 75 feet on the 30″ diameter line. The region was also very mountainous, which made the project extra challenging. Additionally, there were to HDDs on the project one of which required a redesign with extreme logistical challenges on the exit side of the drill. Project time frame was July 2014 through November 2014.