About Price Gregory

Price Gregory International, Inc. (PGI) is a leading provider of infrastructure services with focus on pipeline construction and related services.

Our company was formed through the merger of H.C. Price Co., (Delaware) and Gregory & Cook Construction, two of the largest pipeline construction contractors with the equipment and capability to build large diameter pipelines.

In 2009 Price Gregory was purchased by Quanta Services, a publicly traded company. Our corporate offices are located in Katy, Texas with additional locations in Alaska and Canada.

Price Gregory is currently focused in North America with a presence in the Lower 48, Canada, and Alaska (including the North Slope). Price Gregory provides a broad array of construction services to our customers. This division has built thousands of miles of pipeline around the world; built large electromechanical and power generation facilities; and provided maintenance and upgrade services.

In the Lower 48, Price Gregory International, Inc. (PGI) has the capacity and capability to complete 8 large (30” diameter and greater) mainline spreads of work, 2 small diameter/rehab type pipeline projects and 3 oil and gas facilities projects concurrently.

Collectively we have been in business for decades and have successfully completed hundreds of pipeline projects in various climates and terrains throughout the world. Our experience, knowledge and wisdom combined with our policies, procedures and trained staff enables Price Gregory to construct high quality pipelines, safely, and in a cost effective manner. There is no company more experienced in the business of pipeline construction than Price Gregory.

Our corporate culture is one of honesty, integrity and respect of our customers, vendors and fellow employees and we place a high value on safety and communication. Since inception, Price Gregory has had the safety and health of our employees, those affected by our activities and the habitat surrounding the areas we work in as one of our highest priorities. We employ a full-time Director of Safety and Compliance that ensures our projects are managed far above the highest safety standards. Our Safety Program effectively addresses both customer and corporate objectives while meeting escalating regulatory requirements. All employees are required to participate in constant and comprehensive training.

We believe that with our extensive pipeline experience and our commitments to safety, quality control, and to communication between clients, management and employees, that jobs completed on schedule and under budget are attainable.

What sets Price Gregory apart?

Our Size

We are the largest pipeline contractor in North America, we have unmatched resources.

Financial Strength

Being owned by Quanta Services Corp. (PWR, a publicly held company listed on the NYSE), PGI has access to large amounts of capital, allowing us to handle projects of any scale.


Being formed through the merger of H.C. Price Co., (Delaware) and Gregory & Cook Construction, Inc., our history began many decades ago.

  • Ten pipeline spreads that can locate wherever needed
  • Local, national and international expertise in pipeline and heavy industrial construction
  • Houston (headquarters)/Alaska regional office / Canadian Sister Company,
  • O J Pipelines based on Nisku, Alberta
  • Personal and professional attention to developing and completing projects safely and timely
  • Willing to finance / Enter into partnerships / Develop turnkey projects
  • Work in any location, any environment, anytime

Our locations are spread throughout North America

We are strategically located to best serve our clients’ needs, with offices from Katy, TX to Anchorage, AK.


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