The foundation of all PGI Health and Safety processes lies within the PGI Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). The SHMS is a systematic approach to safety and health that utilizes the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continual improvement and is supported by our robust safety and health policies.

Price Gregory International Health & Safety Policy

Price Gregory International is committed to providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, clients, customers and visitors. Our commitments are communicated to all employees, contractors and suppliers and include:

  • To instill a corporate culture where harm to our staff through work is totally unacceptable;
  • To be proactive in assessing health, safety and environmental hazards for new business, new and existing work systems, practices and equipment;
  • To encourage team problem solving at all levels of the organization to implement work practices that continually improve safety, environmental standards and productivity;
  • To report and investigate incidents and implement systems and practices that prevent re-occurrence;
  • To ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry standards;
  • To train managers and employees to competently perform work described in safe work procedures;
  • To provide information to all employees, contractors and customers that inform them of health safety and environmental issues relevant to PGI operations;
  • To ensure products are safe and without adverse environmental impact.
  • All Price Gregory International staff have a responsibility for implementing this safety and health management system by striving to achieve a zero tolerance towards hazards, incidents and injuries.
  • We continuously improve safety and health management by setting objectives, plans and performance measures and regularly reviewing progress against the targets set.
  • We involve our staff in safety and health management through training and by contributing in identifying, assessing and controlling hazards.


The business of effective safety management and the business of seeking profit are inseparably joined.

In all instances safe work practices take precedence over shortcuts and expedient actions. In keeping with this policy, all the members of the management and supervision, of whatever grade are reminded that safety must take equal importance with cost and production, and they have moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all the employees under their control.

Home Office management holds PGI’s field supervision and foremen accountable for the proper work conduct and safe work execution of their crews.


Robert Bell, President/CEO

Price Gregory International

Price Gregory International Environmental Policy

Price Gregory International mission is to satisfy our clients’ expectations regarding environmental performance. Price Gregory International achieves this mission by taking the following actions.


  • Administer training to all employees prior to performing work on all projects. Said training shall include as a minimum those requirements listed in our Owner’s permits and contract stipulations.
  • Install adequate environmental erosion control devices as required by our clients.
  • Provide adequate resources to perform maintenance of all environmental erosion control devices.
  • Pay particularly close attention to our Work near water bodies and wetlands.
  • Lend special focus on sensitive water bodies and wetlands by assigning special crews as needed to reduce the risk of failure.
  • PGI will follow all local, state, and federal law regarding proper methods to handle waste products produced by our company.
  • PGI will closely follow the conditions listed in the Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan.
  • PGI will report spills of any hazardous substance as required by law. PGI will also make immediate efforts to contain and clean up spills according to the law.


Price Gregory takes seriously any and all incidents that arise during the execution of a project where we have failed to comply with the Owner’s permit conditions.

Each incident shall be reported, investigated, and actions will be taken to mitigate the risk that said incidents reoccur. Said actions can include possible disciplinary measures if it is found that our employees have failed to follow proper procedures.

We recognize that is in Price Gregory interest that we take seriously our Client’s concerns as regards environmental performance. Accordingly, Price Gregory will take necessary steps to achieve acceptable performance.


Robert Bell, President/CEO

Price Gregory International

Safety Professionals

PGI employs the industry’s top safety professionals trained and engaged in the process of continual improvement. PGI recognizes, encourages, and provides a means of attaining certifications and continued learning opportunities. Members of PGI’s safety team hold licensing as Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), Associate Safety Professionals (ASP), Construction Health and Safety Technicians (CHST), Occupational Safety and Health Technicians (OHST) and have also completed of a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Safe Work Environments for Everyone

PGI is dedicated to the improvement of safety across industries and partners with industry leaders and organizations to foster growth:

  1. Construction Safety Research Alliance (CSRA)
  2. Pipe Line Contractors Assocation (PLCA)
  3. Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
  4. American Society of Safety Professionals
  5. National Safety Council (NSC)
  6. Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA)
  7. Distribution Contractors Association (DCA)
  8. International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA)
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