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Safety Programs

AED Program

Quanta and PGI have committed to having an AED on every jobsite with the goal of increasing the rate of survival for people who have sudden cardiac arrests. The AED program is designed to provide equipment and training to enhance life safety response measures. AEDs make it possible for trained and untrained responders to administer defibrillation prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services. Quanta and PGI have saved a total of 26 lives through the AED program.


SOS Program

PGI utilizes a Safety Observation Submittal (SOS) Behavior Based Safety program. The SOS program is a direct line of meaningful communication that empowers every employee with the ability to speak directly to executive management and beyond. The SOS program allows employees to communicate Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions, Near Misses, Positive Observations, or Stop Work Authority.

Message from Robert Bell:

“PGI’s SOS program is a communication tool designed to encourage PGI employees to observe, to communicate, and to act to correct hazards, problems, or actions as appropriate. SOS’s are read by all PGI management. Exemplary SOS’s / great catches will result in the employee being recognized during safety meetings and the employee will receive small gifts to show PGI’s appreciation.”

Message from Caleb Scheve:

“The SOS program allows EVERY worker, from an operator on the grade crew to the laborer on the skid truck, to have their voices heard in real time. The SOS program is not and will never be a fear-based, punitive program, but rather a program to share information for the improvement of safety.”


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PGI is committed to improving our safety culture through management’s commitment to being present on the jobsite. Senior management makes multiple visits throughout projects, one of which includes PGI’s “roadshow”. During these gatherings, all employees are released from the ROW early. The foreman and straw bosses attend a dinner and presentation by PGI senior management. Each roadshow has a structured focus, while also maintaining an atmosphere of open dialogue. The roadshow format improves today’s leaders (foreman) and builds tomorrow’s leaders (straw bosses).

Annual Safety and Leadership Conference

PGI hosts an Annual Safety and Leadership Conference that includes Senior Management, Project Management, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and all Safety Professionals. The purpose of the gathering is to continually improve the safety and leadership skills necessary for personal and professional success.



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